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As a therapist, I want to meet each client where they are in their process and walk with them as they move toward healing and fullness of life. Within each of us is a movement toward growth, but it’s often derailed by our experiences and our interpretations of these experiences. I help my clients identify these points of derailment so that they may be free to live their lives fully and to become their most authentic selves.

I come from a psychodynamic orientation, meaning that I believe that dynamics outside our awareness often impact our actions and emotions. Gaining insight into these dynamics can be enormously clarifying and healing. I am particularly interested in helping individuals to develop their sense of self within the context of various relationships (past and present), including their relationship with me as their therapist. Much of my work is with individuals in times of transition as I believe that these moments are life-defining and provide opportunities for growth and change. Areas of focus include anxiety, depression, eating disturbances, perinatal mental health, identity development, spirituality, life transitions, and relationships.

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therapist + co-founder

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

Have you ever found yourself stuck within stressful relationships, uncomfortable environments or confusing emotions? That “stuck” feeling often leads to discomfort in our daily lives and uncertainty about the future. I address these struggles by utilizing a holistic approach that combines attachment theories, body-centered techniques, and family context awareness. These strategies allow me to focus on the strengths within each client and uncover past wounds that might be limiting growth. I truly believe that every individual, couple and family has the capacity to grow and thrive! For each client, I try to provide a safe space to engage their story, and am genuinely impacted by the beauty and uniqueness inherent in every client.

I work with clients from all ages and stages of life. I am trained to work with individuals, couples, and families, focusing on issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, acculturation, relationship issues, sexuality, communication, emotional awareness, and child/adolescent development. I also have experience working with sexual intimacy issues, family dynamics, and spirituality. Additionally, I am trained in EMDR and have completed level 1 Internal Family Systems training.

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I wholeheartedly believe in the resiliency of those seeking therapeutic services and in human beings in general. Whether you’ve experienced abuse in relationships, or other painful disruptions in your life journey, I believe in your ability to push beyond such challenges in order to grow and heal. Pushing beyond such challenges can sometimes be difficult to do by oneself and so one way to ask for help in this process is by seeking therapeutic services.

As a therapist, I use a psychodynamic, relational, and trauma-informed approach to therapy, in order to encourage self-exploration, to notice relational patterns, and to ask “what has happened to you,” instead of “ what is wrong with you?”  As your therapist, my goal is to help you move past self-destructive or self-defeating patterns and into a place of self-compassion and empowerment, so that you can get your needs more fully met. Likewise, therapy can be a “holding environment,” where we can pause, unload, and reconnect with our self more deeply, so that we can feel more honest, at peace, and fulfilled. In fact, I believe connecting more deeply with our self can have a direct effect on our ability to relate to others in a more authentic way. We all deserve a place and space where we can come and feel supported while on our journey. I look forward to meeting you and listening to your story!

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At times, life is hard.  Whether a sudden trauma has overwhelmed your senses, or the stress of life feels unmanageable, it can be confusing to face life’s challenges alone. In critical moments like these it is helpful to have someone in your corner, who you can confide in, and who can help you develop insight and begin healing.  As your therapist, I understand that your story is unique and should be handled with care.

I am relational and pragmatic in my approach to therapy.  I believe a safe and secure relationship between therapist and client is integral to our work together.  This unique relationship can reveal much about how you relate to others outside of therapy and be a place to experiment with change.  I come from a social work background and have provided services in under-resourced and disinvested communities in Chicago and abroad.  I am in awe of people’s resilience in the face of injustice, and ability to heal and even grow after devastation. These experiences continue to inform my work as a therapist.   And while therapy is often a place to address pain, there will also be space for lightness and even humor in our work together.

I provide therapy to adults, and adolescents of all backgrounds.  My clinical expertise and passion include working through ongoing and past trauma, issues related to acculturation, healing from loss, identity formation and adolescence, and burnout in the helping profession (social workers, outreach workers, medical professionals etc.)

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